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The traditional signature paper and large sheets and difficult to collect, often after the wedding will be placed under the bed, Europe and the United States is now a popular guest signature tree, both beautiful, after the wedding can be hung on the wall for decoration.

Place your Fingerprint / Signature Tree at the reception desk so that your guests can print fingerprints on the Fingerprint Tree as a leaf and sign their names. If the fans are afraid to be contaminated, they may choose to use the pre-printed Signature Tree / Balloon style), in fact, India and India both wet paper towel with a touch on ok planes friends.

In addition to the general signature cloth can be added, but can hang on the wall, become the home of the paintings it. In addition to being used for weddings, it can be used for other festivals and corporate occasions. For example, you can change it to a hundred day banquet, birthday party, anniversary celebration party and corporate banquet.


  • Sweet Wedding designers can design your own Wedding Signature Tree based on your background stories and preferences
  • All signature paintings are printed with oil paintings and are never faded and permanently stored
  • All signature paintings have been included in the white wall of a PVC frame (50cmX70cm), elegant and beautiful, after the wedding can immediately hang at home for painting decoration
  • Fingerprint Signature Tree series will be a gradient 4 color printing a box
  • (70cmX100cm) is available for purchase, only HK $ 980, welcome to inquire
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Showing 1 - 50 of 71 items