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100 Days Birthday Candy Corner

100 Days Birthday Candy Corner

Childhood Video

Childhood Video There are 16 products.

The number of photos of Childhood Video depends on the length of the song, each photo show time is 4-6 seconds
(5 minutes) Note: photos, text, music are provided by the customer

Childhood Video Trading Process:

1.) Select Video, music
2.) need to pay the full Confirm order
3.) to submit photos and use MS Word to submit text content, available file name row order! Such as 1.jpg, 2.jpg 3.jpg (eg. 1.jpg we dating, 2.jpg we know each other) to pay photos available Dropbox Share / we provide FTP Server for photo upload
4.) free of charge for the professional post-correction - photo color / light and other softening and adjustment
5.) Completion of the fragment will be the end of the resolution video to the guests view
6.) Photos and text can be modified three times
7.) modify the clip will be high resolution 1080p Video / DVD Disc to the guests
8.) A maximum of three modes - available play by computer, DVD player, iPhone / Android mobile phone
9.) Complete the transaction

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items
Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items