1. Business since 2013 has been praised by customers, 99% of the 5 star praise in our Facebook Page, customers will also be blogger wrote appreciated.

2. We arranged setup candy corner for lot of organizations such as Bvlgari, HSBC, SHK, Mead Johnson, Neo Derm, Manulife, Lanson Place Hotel, Apple Store and Discovery Bay community outreach centers and other companies large-scale activities, showing the arrangement we get recognition from all sides.
3. Our professional designers, so that every kind of personalized design products are unique, clients include 牛陣, 本陣, MCM, Shiseido, On Pedder, LOTOS, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Carter's Lanson Place Hotel as design and other personal products.

4. We patiently listen to every customer's request, with the other guests to make a more integrated approach to the arrangement of the wedding.

5. Never use care part-time employees, all setup and services staffs are arranged full-time senior staff of our company, our warm smile and good manners real treat every customer, so wedding gift happy atmosphere.

6. We have been arranged only candy bar service, experienced, because the focus so professional!

7. The one-stop service eliminates the need to buy their own arrangement when candy and decoration items arranged time, lease time settlement bottles, glass bottles at the risk of broken transport, do not need assign your brothers and sisters to handle this tasks, do not take the time to clean up and disposed