My position as Mr & Mrs, with everyone through the preparation for the wedding? Bitter moment, I understand ~ understanding ~ understanding of everyone? Need to know the market price daily rise, now want to engage in a dream wedding, memorable? D difficulty, point solution to my Mr & Mrs know? Because we have experienced ~

First introduce ~ Mr.
Mr. Department of a computer genius, as long as you have the requirements of the canal can try to meet you, so I? Growth clips are Mr one hand and foot from the beginning to the end, from stunt to cut are all from Mr. handwriting, I only provide Photo ~ text ~ music, Mr. One by one I do my heart think.
Mr. Zhong for my big day design? A unique? Wedding Logo and Europe and the United States now popular guest signature tree Signauture Tree.

As for ~ Mrs.
Mrs. has always been more than Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen, at all efforts to make every effort, are only happy, Department of typical perfectionist, do not do a series, one must do to be the best, Candy Corner is a new thing, As early as around the corner, it is necessary to make every guest feel the sweet and happy taste on big day. There is a unique little decoration and no arrangement at all. Both of them have made guests shines brightly.

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If any information, Sweet Wedding HK are very happy to join hands with everyone to solve ~

Finally, I wish you all associate a romantic memorable Sweet Wedding ~