Flash Purple Wedding Tattoo Sticker Bride (T13)


Flash Purple Wedding Tattoo Sticker Bride (T13)

Purple series of wedding theme tattoo stickers, it is suitable for you like purple romantic wedding theme, bride and bridegroom will throw into the purple romantic embrace.

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Size: 5.5cmX5.5cm

Note: Please put a tattoo on the skin in a dry location. If there is moisturizer or sunscreen, please wash it thoroughly before applying the tattoo.

How to wash off tattoo stickers: Just wipe it with cleansing oil or moisturizer until it completely disappears.

The popular wedding tattoo sticker in Europe and America is not only the beautiful imprint of brothers and sisters, today's tattoo stickers will be brought to the venue for dinner. It will bring great fun to guests before they enter the banquet. There are many colors to choose from. Thematic tattoo stickers, in addition to the popular bronzing and hot silver style, there are the most fashionable luminous and Symphony styles, unique purple and rose gold styles, greatly satisfying prospective newcomers.

Suitable for events / occasions: Wedding Party, Single Party, Team Bride & Groom Tattoo, Pre-Wedding, Thanks Gift, Tattoo Corner.

Imported stickers raw materials and ink, skin is not allergic, non-toxic and non-irritating, has passed rigorous test reports, waterproof, generally can be posted 5-6 days.