Handcrafted Mini Candy Canes -Red


Handcrafted Mini Candy Canes -Red

  • 約長4.5cm
  • 每支獨立包裝8.5cmx3cm
  • 口味:草莓
  • 包裝50g一袋(約10粒)


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重量 50g
包裝 獨立包裝
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In classic colors of red and white, these mini candy canes offer a light and refreshing pick-me-up to keep you going through the busy holiday season. Perfect for the Christmas candy dish at your home or office, each mini candy cane is wrapped to seal in freshness and prevent cooties. Sure to surprise and delight with their perfectly balanced peppermint flavor, these cute little canes will make your holiday more festive and fun.

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