Hershey Kisses Gold Foiled Milk Chocolate with Almonds


Hershey Kisses Gold Foiled Milk Chocolate with Almonds

Net Wt 11oz (311g) around 70pcs per bag

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包裝 袋裝
規格 每包311g, 一包約70粒
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Hershey's Kisses always rock that distinct, flat-bottom tear drop shape, but how did they get their romantic moniker? The candy was created back in 1907, but there’s no adorable love story to go along with its name. In fact, the term was reportedly derived from the machine that makes the chocolates, which makes a kissing sound and actually appears to kiss the conveyor belt upon which the chocolate is dispensed. So it’s really no more than a love story between candy and machinery!

No matter the origin of the chocolate’s name, you can still write your own romance with these elegant, gold foiled Kisses. Crunchy almonds are draped luxuriously in milk chocolate -- what could be dreamier? These rich Kisses look fantastic in a golden candy buffet, and they’re also a perfectly decadent treat any time you crave a tiny indulgence!  

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