Mini colorful cup cake 50pcs


Mini colorful cup cake

Diameter about 3.5cm

Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces

Please order 1 month ago, please contact us first.

All foods are only accepted at the gate of kam sheung Road Station B.

If you want to deliver, please press gogovan by yourself. If the delivery is damaged, the company will not be responsible.

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$ 600

$ 600 per 50件

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Each set contains 5 flavors (one set of 25 fixed flavors)

Honey Chocolate, Red Mulberry, Blueberry, Green Tea, Mango (Set A)

Coffee Chocolate, Green Tea, Sesame, Yun Nina, Blood Orange Passion Fruit (Set B)

Hazelnut chocolate, rose lychee red mulberry, blueberry, pistachio, blood orange passion fruit (Set C)

Lychee, Rose Lychee Red Mulberry, Blood Orange Passion Fruit, Blueberry, Chocolate (Set D Nuts Free)

Clouds, Chocolate, Red Mulberry, Blueberry, Mango (Set E Nuts Free)

All products are free of artificial colors, flavors, cake emulsifiers and preservatives.

Buttercream Ingredients: French Butter, Disinfected Protein, Sugar, Water.
Buttercream extra ingredients in a variety of flavors and colors:

Brown Black - Chocolate: Italy 72% Chocolate,

White - honey: honey,
Light brown-coffee: coffee,
Light brown - hazelnut: French hazelnut sauce,
Gray-sesame: Japanese sesame paste,
White - Yun Nina: Seed Yun Nina oil,
Brown green - pistachio: French happy jam,
Green-Green Tea: Japanese Uji Matcha Powder,
Purple-Blueberry: French Blueberry Fruit,
Pink-red mulberry: French red mulberry fruit puree,
Light yellow - passion fruit: French passion fruit fruit,
Light Orange - Blood Orange: French Blood Orange Fruit,
Yellow-Mango: French Mango Fruit Puree,
Light pink-rose lychee red mulberry: French rose lychee red mulberry fruit puree,
White - Lychee: French Lychee Fruit,
Light Brown - Peanut: American Peanut Butter.

Butter cake ingredients: French butter, eggs, flour, sugar, American aluminum-free baking powder, French Valley ancient powder, Italian 72% chocolate, milk.

Please pay attention to those who are sensitive to eggs, milk, hazelnuts, peanuts, noodles or above!