Sweet Spindles Mini Hard Candy Sticks - Rainbow


Sweet Spindles Mini Hard Candy Sticks - Rainbow

  • Weight : 8 g
  • Length : 11 cm

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Recently a team of crackerjack scientists made a startling discovery: rainbows are actually made out of candy. We had a hard time believing it, too. We had always assumed the colorful arcs were just optical illusions created by the dispersion of white light through the transmission medium of water particles, but it turns out they’re actually made up of petite candy sticks with stripes of yellow, orange, pink, blue, and green. That’s where the rainbows get their color. The scientists termed these newly discovered delicacies Sweet Spindles, and helped themselves to a few of the vibrant cherry-flavored treats as a reward. Maybe that’s why rainbows seem to disappear so quickly -- no one can resist the taste of Sweet Spindles!

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